Tuesday, February 27, 2007

See I'm not crazy

Remember when I wrote about a sea change in Asian American youth? Well check out this article which was part of a study done by some brand insight firm (whatever the hell that is) called, "Ten Things Every Brand Should Know About Asian- American Youth."

It's not the awesomest thing ever. A lot of the items it mentions are pretty obvious to anyone who is Asian American and is moderately aware. I.e. being hapa or part Asian is ok; we don't want to be the nerd on TV; we want to look cool; we hate that "where are you from" question; we hate William Hung etc.

Some stuff on there did surprise me. We like easy listening??, I guess if Josh Groban counts as easy listening, I've known a couple people who like him, but still, easy listening??, and apparently we gamble.

Ambivalent things included: Korean culture is "hot", I think that would vary depending on which ethnic group you ask. As for Korean culture, especially film being hot, you don't need to be Asian American to know that. As if Oldboy, the entire filmography of Kim Ki-duk, and the dreaded remake of My Sassy Girl didn't clue you in already. I was also not aware that Martin Luther King was a particularly Asian American role model. Malcolm X seems like a figure whose ideology has been far more influential among Asian American activists.

Anyway, despite the no duh-ness of this article, it is kind of interesting to me that someone bothered to even make this study. It does sort of support my crazy theory of a shift in identity of Asian American identity right? And as usual, I'm sure someone will try to use this to try to make money off it. However, they shouldn't get too excited, even MTV couldn't make money off of us yet.

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