Monday, February 19, 2007

Golden Fire Pig would make a great band name

As a former classmate reminded me today, it is in fact, the year of the Golden Fire Pig. Apparently a time of great fertility. Asian countries with negative population growth rejoice!

In honor of the New Year, I have compiled a random list. I don't know why being sick compels me to write about music. You guys will just have to deal, or not read, it's really up to you.

Albums I'm Very Glad I Bought in The Year of the Dog
The Decemberists The Crane Wife
The Decemberists Picaresqueties
Lateef & The Chief Maroons: Ambush, I've started liking Quannum Records more and more. This album isn't particularly long, but damned if I can find a song that I don't like.
Blue Scholars- Blue Scholars, Remember when I said it might be love. It really is love. I listen to this every day and haven't gotten tired of it yet.
Ladytron- Witching Hour, this is definitely not particularly deep, but it really is fun.

Albums I Feel Guilty for Downloading Illegally
Blue Scholars- The Long March EP, so I went out and bought a bunch of Common Market to make up for it. They're pretty good too.
Magnetic North- Magnetic North In all fairness, I can't buy this in Taiwan. Asian American emo-rap, as Wendao Jinxin calls it.
Far East Movement- Folk Music, my opinion is that Jin should just get these guys to produce all his albums for him. Their verbal skills aren't as good as Jin's, but they can build a much better album than he can. That said, any "cred" they had vanished when I found out that one of the member's dad is my dentist. I would have bought this too, but I can't find it in Taiwan either.

Albums I Should Have Downloaded Illegally
Pretty Girls Make Graves- Elan Vital, there's one or two good songs on here, that's the best thing I can really say about it.
The Far East Movement mixtape, eh this was really just a warm up for Folk Music. Anything on here is done better on their CD.

Albums I'm Very Glad That I Downloaded Illegally
Sufjan Stevens, I do not like slow sad, lo-fi indie pop. I keep trying it in the hope that I might like it. I never do.
Jay Chou- Still Fantasy, not bad, but just indifferent. It was a big disappointment after November's Chopin.

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