Sunday, February 18, 2007

Breaking News on the Mummy 3

If Jet Li is in fact the villain in the Mummy 3 I will abjure all faith in the Creator.

Looks like I have come down with some sort of stomach bug. So I will not be traveling during the New Years holiday. Instead I will lie on my bed reading the library books my Chinese tutor gave me, and wait for death and drink EmergenC.

If I die, I leave my Sleater Kinney and Le Tigre CDs to my sister. May she torment my mother and the parakeet with "I'm So Excited" as she wishes.
All Asian American hip hop and my Better Luck Tomorrow soundtrack I leave to Wendao Jinxin.
All strange electronica that sounds like it was made by a robot, particularly a lady robot, I leave to Laurel, so that I may continue to humor her obsessions as I did in life. Ditto for my Decemberist CDs, and Pretty Girls Make Graves' Elan Vital, it's a crappy CD but it has a song about pirates on it.

Over and out.


exangelena said...

Well ... Chow Yun Fat is the villain in "Pirates of the Caribbean 3" and Sessue Hayakawa was almost cast as the Sheik (Rudolph Valentino eventually got the role.)
Stomach bugs are the worst. Try not to eat very much, drink a lot of water or weak tea and don't leave the house if you can help it.
I like the Better Luck Tomorrow soundtrack too ... and don't forget about "The Meathead" ;)

Nien said...

woo hoo! thanks!

hey exangelena, ill burn you a copy when i get it. =) just kidding, just kidding.

i thought jet li retired? what's the big deal?

anyways, get well soon and happy new years.

exangelena said...

Thanks anyway, Nien.

Oh and since lovelesscynic mentioned in an earlier post that you always try to coax her into talking about gender, here's an article you might find interesting: Opening faces: "The politics of cosmetic surgery and Asian American women. It's about feminism and Asian-American issues :)

exangelena said...

Eh, since the link doesn't seem to be working:
openface.html (that's supposed to be one line, but blogger is NOT being nice to me today!)
Or google "Eugenia Kaw".

Laurel said...

Hey baby, wanna kill all the humans?

Clara don't die. Remember that time I had that stomach parasite? I'm still alive! And my dad survived cholera! You can do anything!

Nien said...

thanks for posting the link. i skimmed over it. it's pretty good. i feel like ive read it before somewhere else.