Thursday, November 08, 2007

A question for all those who have spent significant time in NYC

Do the conductors of the subway trains really say stuff as funny as what they say in Overheard in New York?


Vox said...

Sometimes, when you can understand them. Most of the time they sound like the adults in Charlie Brown movies, though, unless things have changed in the past two years. I think that's why they say stuff like that. They're so used to being incoherent via speaker malfunction that they don't think people can actually hear them.

nien said...

this one, i can see happening:

Conductor: Board the train so the doors can close. [Girls slowly shuffle around doors.] You must physically board the train to ride. The platform does not move.

because people don't step into the car and it keeps the door from closing and it bugs the hell out of them.

but for all the time ive spent on the subways, i haven't heard anything as good as the ones listed.

Anonymous said...

On a greyhound bus this week:

"Please bring your valuables with you as you leave the bus, Greyhound is not responsible for the safety of your personal affects. Unless, of course, no one would steal them, so feel free to leave your grandmother's old underwear."