Sunday, November 25, 2007

Note to self

If/when I become a C-pop megastar, I will not do the following things:
1) Make a music video featuring myself as some kind of Asian Cowboy featuring random white children, Riverdancing, dutch hats, fifties dancing and line dancing, in some bizarre patische of "period" America. NOT COOL

2) Make a puke worthy vanity music video. At least this time the song is ok.

3) I will not make a movie called Kung Fu fucking Dunk. Initial D i.e. the Jay Chou racing movie was tolerable, but in spite of Jay rather than because of Jay.

Over and out.


nien said...

aw....poor jay~ life is just not fair.

Factorial said...

I do not want to bone any of the cowboys in that first video and you know how I feel about cowboys. How could they make a crowd of dancing cowboys unsexy? It boggles the mind.