Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thank you Kenji Wu

(Wo zhidao dui you shenme bu dui)
I know what's wrong with saying "right."
I know the general's orders aren't always right.
I know right and wrong
are something I can distinguish myself.
Please be quiet.
Please be quiet.
I know what's wrong with saying "right."
I know a foreign moon is not rounder than mine.
I know that "Yo Yo Yo" is not my language.
Please be quiet.
Please be quiet.
The general wants to be cool.
He's covered in "bling bling".
He studies western ideas.
He's forgotten his own last name.
He's all like "Check out"
He wants everyone to "get down."
I'm a foot soldier.
I only follow orders.
In your world, you say "ABCD"
On my turf, please speak Chinese.

From "The General's Orders" Kenji Wu Kequn

I knew I needed to satisfy my Mandarin pop addiction with someone other than Jay.


Magniloquence said...

Wow. Amazingly appropriate, given the drama that's going on right now. I like it. :)

nien said...

damn. i listened to one of his CDs and thought he was a moron through and through

OoImAscoipoO said...

Very Nice.(^_^)