Friday, June 08, 2007

A conversation

So I met this kid from Norway, and we got into a conversation in which he said that racism in America didn't exist. Later he also told me that I wasn't looking at things logically and wasn't respecting his experiences. I would add that most of this was after he told me that my experiences with racism in America weren't logical, but I'm going to be charitable and say that might have been a language barrier thing

But the funniest part was this
Kid: I think we should stop talking about this racist thing, I mean, racism thing. Because when you talk about it, you're really angry. You said before that you were an angry person and now I see what you mean.
Me (inwardly): Hahahaha.

In other news, I was unable to find an ATM that worked for about three days. I finally found one that worked. Chairman Mao(on the $100 yuan bill, and in fact, on every other bill) has never looked so good to me.


mark said...

Ask him if he clubs baby seals to death and kills whales.

nien said...

ah....white priviledge and ignorance is a worldwide deal huh?