Thursday, June 21, 2007

I haven:t been around for a while

and this keyboard for serious has no key for the apostrophe, so y:all will just have to make do with a colon. I realize that I never did write much about Shanghai. I:m in Japan at the moment, and I even made it from the Osaka airport to Kyoto in one piece, hooray for me.

So here:s what I:ll say about Shanghai. A friend of mine once said, either about Hong Kong or Shanghai, that what made the city an experience for him wasn]t the things he saw but the people he met there. I would say that pretty much sums up my experience of Shanghai.

On a further note, Shanghai is the only place in China where marble was used for public toilets. However, it:s also the only place I:ve ever had to pay to use a public toilet.

So now I]m in Japan, long time readers of the site will know that I have hella heavy issues with Japan.

Someone I met in Shanghai said that Japan was a place where you can just sit somewhere and watch people walk by and be endlessly entertained. I would wholeheartedly agree with that assertion.

Well enough borrowing the words of other people, I:m about out of time. Catch you later.


Magniloquence said...

Envisioning you wandering Japan makes me snicker. That should be interesting. I demand stories when you return!

nezua limón xolagrafik-jonez said...

i'm jealous! or...traveling over your shoulder as a dandelion wisp!

of course i dont know wha tyour issues are with japan.

lovelesscynic said...

Oh my issues are the usual bit about Japan as colonial oppressor etc etc, as well as my family:s always identifying as American rather than Japanese. All in all, sometimes it:s hard to want to identify them. Since they were colonial oppressors and all that.