Saturday, June 30, 2007

Stories from the Train

I have tons of stories from the train and from the bus. I should probably learn to drive at some point, but really if I drove everywhere, I would miss out on some awesome stories. One of the stories I didn't tell about China was the people in my train compartment on my way from Wuhan to Shanghai.

There were these two guys who were together, and a less warm and friendly lady. (She was from Shanghai, as it turned out, it figures). Anyway, one of the guys was extremely friendly to me, he helped me put my backpack up on the luggage rack and smiled at me all the time. I can't quite put my finger on why exactly, but I kind of thought the two guys might be together together. (My gaydar is pretty good, as far as such a thing exists. And I just got the sense that he was a comrade, in a manner of speaking.)

Anyway, at the end of the train ride, the woman suddenly turned really helpful and was trying to help both me and the two guys figure out where we had to go. And we ended up all riding the subway together. The lady tried her best to help me, but she really clearly didn't know where she was going. But I went along with it anyway, to save her some face. Although she actually dropped me off in some place that wasn't anywhere near where I was supposed to be, as an amused taxi driver later informed me.

I just really remember that guy more than anything else. Something about him felt kind of fatherly, but also kind of motherly at the same time. However I remember feeling that, if I had a gay dad, I'd want one like that.

I was really extremely fortunate to have met so many kind people in my travels.

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