Thursday, July 13, 2006

Things that I think are funny.

thanks to Angry Asian Man

the conversation I've often dreamed of having but never had the courage to do. Rise up my people!

and a drunken Jackie Chan. Incidentally there's a typhoon on the way. So if you don't hear from me in a while you'll know why.


exangelena said...

Although now people who are really curious will try to get around the "I'm American" answer and ask "What's your nationality (or ethnicity)?". Then I can't say American, unless I want to pretend to be a Native American.

nien said...

have you seen carlos mencia's standup? he came to UW for a show and he had this joke:

what's up with the asian people over here? you ask where are they from and they're like "bellevue" and im like "no no, where are you from?" and they're still like "bellevue" and im like: "fuck, like what nationality are you from?!" and they're like "bellevue". what the fuck?!

or something like that, the show was like a month ago.