Saturday, July 22, 2006

Giant spiders

and other wonders of nature. So when AdriAnne was here, she told me she had seen a giant spider strolling merrily along the sidewalk. Personally, I have been rather blissfully unaware of their existence, and figured if you just didn't look for them, you wouldn't find them. This rather ostrich-like theory was contradicted by an event tonight, in which I found a spider, the size of an anorexic tarantula in my bathroom. It has hair and everything. I may sleep with my light on according to the theory that it probably doesn't like the light.


Anonymous said...

i think (and im not sure) the bigger they are the more shy and docile they tend to be.


my word verification today: jiszm

nien said...

just step on it (with your shoes on, of course). or smash it with something big.

my verification word: pshonxur (hm...nothing naughty about that..)

disreputable bird said...

Late last night I was working at the computer and saw something out of the corner of my eye. I turned my head real quick and saw it was a large spider, but skinny, not tarantula-like, maybe the size of a half-dollar. It was fast, though, and I knew if I got up to grab a kleenex or the plastic cup, it would be gone. So I gritted my teeth and smashed it with my hand. Yargh. And I bet the people upstairs loved that noise.

Oh, and a little tip, from tonight's bug experience: It's a little messy trying to kill a flying bug by clapping it between your soapy hands, especially if you wear glasses.