Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Things that make me angry

Sometimes I'm hard pressed to decide what kind of person I hate more. However, articles like this make me lean more heavily towards rich people. I've sort of been irritated on a low level about the decrying of the "ipodification" of America. And now apparently the downfall of Tower Records. I guess what sort of annoys me about this is that the people who moan the loudest are liberals. This seems slightly like wanting to have your cake and eat it too.

I mean ok, if by your theory many people in America are poor, they don't have a lot of spending money right? Which means our budgets for buying luxury items, such as music, is relatively limited. So, if you can go to Tower Records and buy a CD for $20 or you can download it off iTunes for $9.99, or download it illegally for free what are you going to do? I mean if you supposedly support the rights of the working class and lower middle class, don't blame them for the downfall of Tower Records. People have a hard time making ends meet, don't blame them for not patronizing the "cool" independent record store. Also apparently the downfall of Tower Records equals the downfall of civilization, or musical civilization, perhaps they amount to the same thing.

Perhaps people gravitate towards iTunes, Amazon, Target, and Walmart because they are cheap and affordable. They offer services which Tower doesn't really offer, significant discounts, free shipping, lower prices etc. The economy is bad, people have less money to spend. When that happens, chains go out of business. It happens.

I may just be ranting though.

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exangelena said...

This sort of reminds me of the Walmart debate and predicament. A lot of people who are poor or lower middle class save money by visiting Walmart, even though Walmart has crappy labor practices.
Plus, it's like the whole debate on obesity - that middle class people berate the poor for eating fast food and not exercising, while ignoring the fact that some poor neighborhoods kind of don't have a Whole Foods and have crime rates/pollution that make outdoor exercising unfeasible.
On another level, how many poor people can AFFORD iPods? It seems bizarre that some people can't pay the rent or buy food, but could get iPods. I'm not poor, but I would have to wait for birthday/Christmas or splurge and then feel guilty about myself if I got one.