Monday, December 11, 2006

Rosie O'Donnell Ridiculousness

angryasianman has been covering this pretty well so if you want to learn more about this just visit his site.

Here's a link to the segment on the show which is up on Youtube

This morning (12/5/06) on "the View," Rosie O'Donnell and the gang were discussing the Danny Devito "incident" when Rosie remarked that this was such big news everywhere that people in China were probably saying "ching ching ching chong Danny Devito ching chong ching chong drunk on The View ching chong (etc.)" I was sort of surprised about her lack of insensitivity especially considering her outrage at Kelly Ripa's Clay Aiken comments recently. I guess it's another example of how stereotypes/ racially insensitive comments about Asians can be made and no one thinks much of it, or even bats an eye. Not even sure how many others who were watching the show even noticed it, but it bugged the crap out of me!

anyway, apparently she just takes the usual cop out "it's not a big deal" route. Anyway, if you want to write to various people to tell them what you think of 'em you can write them here. It's super easy. There are three women you can e-mail. I just e-mailed them all. I guess I'd encourage all 5 people who read this to write, just because Rosie O'Donnell's show reaches a much larger audience than the assholes who make lame comments on talk radio stations. It's a good opportunity to show that Asians can't be pushed around in a bigger way. And also it just freakin' ticked me off.


Jeff said...

There's only five of us? :) I know I'm a bit of a lurker since I don't comment much, but I thought for sure there had to be more... Maybe there are more like me you don't know about.

I always correct this kind of stupid simplistic characterization of Chinese or Japanese when I see it in person, but it's surprising to see someone dense enough to do it in such a public manner nowadays. I had a conversation with my parents on my last trip home, because they were amused by some of the "Engrish" on the menu at a restaurant we ate at. I pointed out the different uses of tense, etc., that make it difficult for non-native speakers to learn and use English, and I think they picked up a little bit of understanding.

Anyway, I'll write and complain about this even though I don't watch The View. I'm assuming Lucy Liu is no longer on the show... That would have been an interesting few minutes :)

lovelesscynic said...

I guess I figured no more than 5 people would listen to me ranting for extended periods of tme. But anyway, thanks for reading!

exangelena said...

I read a comment at another blog from a white woman who is married to a South Asian man who said that lefties are often extremely racist to Asians and Indians, because we are apparently not "oppressed" enough for their taste.
Maybe this means I'm awful or mean or racist, but I think the engrish site is really funny.
As for the View, I exercise the power of the remote control. I never watch any damn TV if I can help it.

nien said...

i just saw crash i definetly think the "we're no oppressed enough" thing is true...