Monday, August 07, 2006

Some (not so) amusing things about teaching

1) One day during break I ran into a kindergarten student at my school named Eric Li coming out of the bathroom. He did this double take and then ran out to the front desk anonouncing “老師上了廁所。" The teacher went to the bathroom! I forgot that at the age of six, you don't know your teachers are real people who sometimes use the bathroom.

2) Hiccoughs in class. It's ok if you're a student and you hiccough. But a teacher isn't supposed to get them. I've had them in class. It's not fun.

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exangelena said...

One of my teachers in middle school had the most hilarious sneeze, and yeah, we did all giggle a bit whenever she'd get one of those four-in-one sneezes.
Oh, and if you've been following American news, Joementum lost his primary.