Thursday, August 10, 2006

CSI Taiwan

So I've been looking for a new roommate and briefly found one. He moved in and lasted four days. A couple days ago, I came home totally beat after a marathon of teaching and studying Chinese ready to collapse. My new roommate told me our apartment had been broken into and his savings (which he had in cash for some weird reason) had been taken out of a locked drawer. Now, this apartment was supposed to be fairly safe, and I had never had any problems. I never locked up my stuff, so my first thought, selfishly, was Shit, my stuff must have been taken too. I go into my room and my laptop, money, passport and anything else of dubious value was still there.

That seemed really weird, who goes into a house and only burgles a locked drawer and doesn't take anything else? Also how would anyone know it was there? My roommate decided to go to the police, and eventually I went over there too, with my Chinese teacher and her husband. The police then went to my house, and it became a sort of strange CSI like moment. There were all these policemen in the house. A CSI made fun of my room for being messy. It was all very surreal. And the next day my roommate left.


disreputable worrywart said...

So did the CSIs confirm that the apartment had been broken into, or just the mysterious roommate's locked drawer? Had he maybe been careless about inviting someone into his room, which (creepily) means that the light-fingered person was inside the apartment?

Anyway, I'm glad your stuff was untouched and sorry he lost all his money, but it sounds pretty sketchy. Is there some way to screen potential roommates a little?

nien said...

you know that happened to Joesph once. someon just went into his room and jacked all the money out of his drawer but not his wallet or phone or credit cards. theives are lazy these days huh?