Saturday, December 22, 2007


Among this pile of cash, were three $100 bills and 1 $50 bill. Our fees are either $7 or $20. $7 if you're on public assistance of any kind or over 55 and live in Seattle. $20 for everyone else. WHAT KIND OF SANE PERSON CARRIES AROUND 100 BILLS? And why do you use them to pay a $20 fee?! Jesus.


Jess said...

Some...people like to just wave money around? When I worked at the woodland park zoo, we'd have people try to pay for a $2 pony ride with a $50 or $100 bill. I can understand a $20, but anything larger? What?

Um, I got nothing in the way of an answer.

Factorial said...

Old people. Especially old people on fixed incomes (which... which is all old people?) -- they pay for everything in cash, and they don't seem to believe in 20s.

I learned this when I worked at Target -- old person in my line means one of the following payment methods: they will spend ten minutes searching in their purse / pocket / wallet and then hand me a $100 bill, they will spend ten minutes searching and then spend 15 minutes using the card reader (only to cancel their transaction at the last minute, and then yelling at me when I tell them that they need start over), they will spend ten minutes searching and then pay with change / small bills, or, my personal favorite, they will spend ten minutes searching, then twenty minutes writing a check, then freak out when I ask to see their ID.


baby221 said...

Rich people. Specifically, rich people buying coffee at seven in the morning. "I'd like a small coffee" -- which is $1.60 -- "but I only have this $100 bill, can you break it?"

Of course, we generally can, since everyone else pays with twenties in the half-hour before the big-biller came in, but still. It's a little disgust-making.