Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Reasons which make it difficult for me to not hate white people

When I am introduced to my roommate's parents and her mom acts like I'm hearing impaired, gesturing to herself and saying her name loudly and slowly.

In my own fucking house, in my own fucking house.


Magniloquence said...

... really? Really???

That's ridiculous. I mean, not only is it insulting and racist and rude, it wouldn't work, really. I thought people only did that in movies.

You don't even have an accent. Well, okay, you've been in the Pacific Northwest a bit too long, and when you're tired you might pass for Canadian, but I'm pretty sure that doesn't count.

Still, if there were ever a reason to cease speaking English entirely, that would be it. You could totally do that 'I'm insulting you to your face, but smiling!' thing that some people do when they know you don't speak their language.

Anonymous said...

I'm on the receiving end of rude, offensive and well-meant, but still just plain stupid behavior from Taiwanese people almost every day. Does that mean it's OK for me to write something called "Reasons which make it difficult for me not to hate asian people"?

Or are you just suffering from an irony deficiency?

lovelesscynic said...

Ah yes, self righteousness. Yet another reason to love white people.

bint alshamsa said...

Been there, my friend. Fortunately, my white mother-in-law is very savvy and quite progressive so I've never had to deal with anything like that from her. She can spot white privilege a mile away and will call it out if necessary. People like her give me hope and keep me from becoming completely jaded.

Anonymous said...


Whine all you want about how boo fucking hard it is for you in Taiwan. See if anyone gives a fuck. Last time I checked, the author of a blog has the right to write what they want. Don't like it ? Go troll somewhere else, you entitled, self-righteous cunt.