Monday, April 07, 2008

Jesus Christ

Random man: You look like you had a hard day at work!
Me: (laughs)
Random man: Are you a secretary?
Me: No...
Random man: You speak good English.
Me: Thank you, I was born here.
Random man: (awkward silence)
Me (inwardly): Ha, ha, ha.


Magniloquence said...


Then again, I get asked if I was born here all the time. I have no idea where else an English-speaking California-accented light-skinned black-looking girl would be from, honestly.

Perhaps we should make shirts. A list of things, with checkboxes next to them:

"The person you are looking at:
[X] Speaks English
[X] Was born here
[X] Is a citizen
[ ] Wants to talk to you about it."

little light said...

I love you two.
Can we? Really?

Philippe Laurichesse said...

Qu'ils sont marrants ces connards de faces de craie au pays des libert├ęs...