Friday, January 11, 2008

Americorpse (to steal a phrase) training part 2

At one point, someone in our AmeriCorps group turned to me and said, "Wow, our group is so white! You and Amy are the only two non-white people." My inner thought, was the same as what Amy said when I mentioned it to her later, "I knew that the second I walked in here."

There are a lot of things about this set up that I really don't like. For example, our diversity training was a training on how to be a white ally, and overcoming white privilege.

I mean I appreciate the effort to address things, which is way better than the College Which Must Not Be Named ever did. Still, you know, way to marginalize the people of color, dudes.


Factorial said...

I sometimes imagine a world where white people and POC go in separate rooms for diversity training. While we haoles learn about privilege, and being a white ally, they give you guys some time to organize a revolution.

Jess said...

The separated rooms has some logic to it, like separating out genders for sex ed in fifth grade. Alternately, they could just give you the day off or some service time elsewhere.

My Americorps program was fairly diverse for the area (30 people, maybe 15 were white, and the age and economic diversities were higher), so our attempts at diversity training were less hokey. That is, I remember them being somewhat sensible. I don't know if I'd have the same opinion if I did the program today.