Wednesday, October 11, 2006

New exciting (and not so exciting and not so new) things in my life

One of my students, Heidi, comes up to me often and pats my butt and says "My hips!" I'm not really sure where she's getting this. Definitely not from me.

Learning how to make frozen steamed buns without a microwave or an oven. Just some water and a pan. My cooking reaches new heights.

One of my students Evan has completely mastered how to imitate my voice saying "Sit down now!"

The Decemberists' new CD The Crane Wife. Very very cool, and new! Just when I think that all the bands I like have started to suck, I get some evidence to the contrary.


Anonymous said...

Your stories about interacting with small children still manage to crack me up. Can you get a recording of Evan imitating you? It sounds hilarious.

As for music, did you hear that the Indigo Girls have a new CD out? "Despite Our Differences" is pretty damn good, even though they don't harmonize as often as they used to. Most of the songs are solos.

When are you returning to the States? Ever?


lovelesscynic said...

In July probably, depending on if I get into grad school then I'll stay in the states, if not, well your guess is as good as mine at this point.

Laurel said...

Maybe she's going for "my humps".