Monday, September 18, 2006

It's been a long time

I've been lazy, and not really very busy. However, the main reason I haven't posted in 3 weeks is because during these three weeks, I finally discovered youtube. Yes, I know, I'm lame. I had always heard of youtube before. But I hadn't ever really seen any way that it benefitted me. Usually it seems like people post "funny" or obscene videos on it. However, three weeks ago, I discovered that this was a way to watch anime for free. And thus I became addicted.

I finished watching Bleach, the anime based on a manga that I like. It's about a 15 year old boy who becomes a death god and has various adventures. There's some humor and a lot of fighting, some emoting.

And also recently Monster, which is about a brilliant Japanese expatriate surgeon in Germany trying to hunt down a serial killer boy whose life he once saved.

Yes, this is how I spend my life these days. Well that and attempting to write my personal statement for my grad school applications. My secret fear is that I'll flake out and I won't hand anything in in time.

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disreputable bird said...

Welcome back!